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Welcome to Imaginable Ideas.Lean UX Towards Your Goals & Vision

Hi. I am Per, a senior UX freelancer. I create user experiences towards your goals and vision based on insights. I deliver value in steps.

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I work with all kinds of clients. From startups to large enterprises. Here are some of the companies I’ve worked with.

Zmarta  - a client I've worked with.TUI - a cient I've worked with.Projectplace - a company I've worked with.


UX leadership

UX leadership in your organisation. I coach your UX staff and teams and help you build up a UX platform with methodologies and a design system. … MoreUX leadership


Per with his holistic, strategic and customer centric mindset had a key role creating a unique mortgage service for the Swedish market. His challenging way of thinking and ambition to always improve is something to admire! Great work Per!

Mattias Gisgård, Business Developer at Zmarta Group

About  Imaginable Ideas

I’ve founded this company to help companies work strategically with UX to create happy users and customers as they develop their business. I have been in the space of UX and Internet for 20+ years and have worked on and lead a number of product and business development projects to deliver new user experiences to the market. My journey with Projectplace, a SaaS service that grew from 5 to 700 people, has given me a lot of insights about how to scale and strategically work with UX and product development and the importance of a hungry and passionate team. And the value of working Lean to get things moving.

Lean UX with Business, Product and Market focus.
Lean UX Strategy & Design with Business, Product and Market focus.

I’d be happy to help you imagining what the user experiences of your business could be like. Feel free to check up my LinkedIn profile and to email or call me. I work from Stockholm, Sweden, and I am always up for a coffee.

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