Mobil-app för ljudguidade rundturer

I det här projektet designade jag en mobil-app för ljudbaserade rundturer från ett blankt  paper based on an idea of a startup founder. He explained to me his vision in words and some technical input. The idea was a bit hard to get, so I started off by summarising the idea of the app in a story-telling presentation highlighting the experience, how it would work and the values a user would get – much like a web site landing page. I then created the UX concept as a clickable prototype in high level design. Then I moved on to detail the UI design of the with UI elements, typo, colors and copy. The design could then be tested with end users and passed on to developers.

Min roll

  • Research för att fånga användarbehov och insikter 
  • Visionsbilder med en story för tjänsten
  • UX-koncept och prototyper 
  • UI-design och copy


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