Imagine the unimaginable

“Try to imagine the unimaginable, because unimaginable things are happening a lot”

Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg, How Google Works

We humans have a hard time understanding things before we see it. We are often limited to new ideas by past experiences. We tend to make small changes to the existing, such as changing a text or the color of a button. This way of working is good for optimising a solution, but will not help when you want to let new ideas come to play.

Creating world class experiences requires new ways of working. It all starts with your business - where you are today and where you want to be in the future. Imagining a new future position and who you want to reach with your business is all needed for crafting new experiences. However, to come up with something new and fantastic, you need to step in to the unknown for a bit. You need to challenge the existing and generate new ideas. We help you with this.

We help you visualise what your future might be. We meet with your target group to learn their needs and dreams. We create concepts and solutions. We validate what works and what needs simplifications. We help you learn continuously and create something great. We help you make your users happy. We help you grow your business. So what are you waiting for?

Working with us


We believe that focusing on building the best user experience for your business is all that matters. Users tend to use products they love and not stay long when the experience is bad. We help you imagine how great your business experience can be.


Understanding your business and the goals and desires of your users is crucial in finding the right solutions. We know that the best ideas require aiming for the stars and dedicated teams working really hard with the courage to experiment and to think in new ways. Continuous learning from users and your data is crucial for success.


We move in fast learning cycles together with you and your team to refine and create new experiences for the users of your business. We work with visualisations of the things that matter for your users and business. From interviews we craft UX vision, personas and scenarios that help the team focus on the things that matter. We create concepts and prototypes for fast validations. We test our solutions with your target group to learn and refine until we know we have something your users will love. We help you focus on UX because it is key to fuel your business growth.
Aim for best in world experience
Work lean and deliver fast
Validation and experimentation

Work examples

See examples of work we've done in the attached PDF.


We have a number of methodologies we work with and will adapt to your needs. We can do short time efforts or be your long term strategic UX and growth partner. Want to give us a try - simply contact us. Some things we can do for you:
Design sprints
Need a head start for lifting your UX? Want to get new ideas in a short time frame? Need to validate your solutions with the market? No problem. With design sprints we help you capture your business vision, generate new ideas and UX concepts and validate with the market in just 5 or 10 working days.
UX Concepts
We visualise new and improved user experiences for your business. We use paper sketches and concepts to illustrate ideas. We create clickable prototypes to show you and your target group what a future experience could look like. We add details to flow and interaction. We simplify and refine as we learn from our experiments.
UX tools
Want to learn more about UX and how you can start implementing it within your business? We develop your UX guidelines, personas, customer journey and other tools that will help you work with UX across your business. We help you get a head start by using Lean UX thinking to move fast in cycles together with you and your team.
Business strategy and UX vision
We use business canvases with you and your team to imagining your future position and UX vision. We meet with your users validate and refine our hypothesis. We document our findings in shareable format for you and your team such as experience maps, personas and rough UX concepts. We move in fast cycles - optimised for fast learning.
Product Management
We help you with gathering feedback from your users on their current experience your service or product. We help you analyse the data and prioritise areas that will give you the highest impact at the lowest cost. We help you craft solutions to the identified areas and to validate them fast to optimise your resources and only build things that matter to your users. We help you improve your products UX - so that you can grow your business.
Growth experiments
Is your business not growing fast enough? Did you gain a lot of traction initially and then nothing happened? We help you analyse your users behaviour from your data. We help you understand where and why you are not converting as you wish. We help you to build small tweaks to your funnel and to A/B test them to learn fast how to hack your growth rate. Rule of thumb: build-measure-learn!

We are

I’ve founded this company to help businesses work strategically with their UX to create happy users and faster growth. I have been in the space of UX and Internet for 20+ years and have initiated and lead a number strategic UX, product and growth teams and projects to deliver new values to the market. Still, I believe the best ideas are yet to be discovered, and there has never been a better time for creating fantastic user experiences. I’d be happy to help you imagining what your business could be like. Feel free to check up my LinkedIn profile and to contact us. We are always up for a coffee.
Per Fossum
Per Fossum

UX Strategist and Founder


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